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Botanical origin

Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) –Elliott is less known species of fruit that comes from moist forests and swamps of eastern part of North America, but has come into Serbia from Russia and Ukraine. The English name of this plant is chokeberry, which means pungent because it is difficult to swallow, similar to blackthorn or rowan, even medlar. It tastes like it because it contains a lot of tannins and polyphenols. Because of these properties many growers have named her “Russian sorb", even though she looks like a blueberry fruit. The Russian name for her is "černoplodnaja rjabina". In Serbia it is also called the "black rowan". Of all the plants known to people, chokeberry most resemble black hawthorn.

Chokeberry belongs to Rose family - Rosaceae, subfamily Maloideae. The fruit (Genus) of chokeberry includes three types: dark chokeberry: A. melanocarpa, red A. arbutifolia (L.) Pers. and purple - A. prunifolia (Marshall) Rehder. As for subfamily it belongs to apples, and this is evident that when you look at the structure of the fruit. Of the three types, black chokeberry has the highest importance for the man. It is one of the most curative one.

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