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Besides using the fruits, also leaves can be used for tea. They are rich in vitamin P. Leaves resemble a cherry leaf. In the fall, after first frosts, it gets red and purple color. Tea has a taste and smells like almond. Adding honey and lemon it has a very refreshing effect. Per liter of boiling water it is enough to add 5-6 leaves, cover and leave it to cool. In the same way it can be used and dried fruit. First chokeberry plantations based in Serbia was organized by PIK Takovo, Gornji Milanovac, in the 1970es of the twentieth century. Seedlings were imported from Ukraine. The idea to use chokeberry for juice production was not achieved at the end, and today juice concentrate is imported from Poland.

It is used as a tenturier. Liter of syrup can color 100l of water. One kilogram of fruit can give 600ml of juice, which is consumed after "high pasteurization" to 92 ° C. Sterilization is not used, in order to preserve the natural fruit flavors. To the mass left after squeezing juice can be added sugar and cooked as jam, which also have medicinal properties.

Besides juice, whole fruits of chokeberry can be used for making jams and preserves, jellies, fruit salads, wine making, brandy, and liqueurs, similar to grape. Some people put them in tomato salad and some make dairy yogurts with the fruit. Ice cream with chokeberry juice has a beautiful purple color. Chokeberry juice can be used in preparing a variety of cakes and sweets in color.

Aim of this text is to boost and develop production of chokeberry juice because this fruit it is more medicine than food. Each household can find a little space in garden to plant chokeberry and begin to use juice that it has been forgotten. In an era of expanding crop production without the use of pesticides, chokeberry is the best that nature has given to man. It should be introduced as an item in supermarkets, where they are sold fresh like apples, lemons and other fruits. Fresh fruit can be kept in cold storage, as well as apples or grapes; at +2 ° C. Easy to dry in the sun or in the shade, without fear that it will rot. In the whole world there is great demand for the fruits of chokeberry. After the presentation of this plant in the TV show Znanje na dar, 8th of August 2010, a potential buyer was asking for 5t of dried chokeberry for export to America. Box containing 250g of fresh chokeberry in the Netherlands costs 17 euros! Is this a chance to export?

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